Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Those big box stores are calling your name with cheap deals on hip clothes and accessories, home goodies that you just can't live without, beckoning you to become part of the latest fashion trends of the can be hard for the indie design world to keep up! But, they do keep up- it's just sometimes a little more difficult to find the hip handmade goods that rival the big box stores' goods in style, but far surpass them in quality, creativity and uniqueness! So, I'm here to help, taking a cue from the now defunct and Renee's awesome "if you like...., than you'll love...." posts around Christmas time, and helping you find hip handmade alternatives to the big box store stuff that you so covet- hopefully you'll see, it's easier than you think to shop consciously and stay stylish at the same time! :)

First up for the hip handmade comparison, I bring you the fashion accessory that I see popping up everywhere in catalogs, tv shows and on the streets: summery scarves!
big box: hot pepper scarf from Anthropologie- imported, cotton- $48
handmade: acid green & mulberry striped scarf by Karen Richards- hand woven, cotton/wool- $45

big box: silk peony wrap from Banana Republic- imported, 100% silk- $68
handmade: apple blossom scarf by Sylvie & Elizabeth- hand painted 100% silk crepe- $35

big box: guaze buffalo plaid scarf from Urban Outfitters- imported, cotton- $28
handmade: brown & orange woven scarf by heartisans- handmade by co-op in Guatemala, fair trade- $15

big box: batik print scarf from Banana Republic- imported, 100% cotton- $49
handmade: purple grey scrolls scarf by Margot Bianca- hand dyed & batiked, 100% silk- $45

big box: full fringe scarf from Free People- lurex- $48
handmade: garden of earthly delights scarf by Adventures of Jessica Rose- hand knit, pure cashmere- $45

big box: daybreak scarf from Anthropologie- imported, cotton- $48
handmade: poppy woven scarf by Cyberoptix- hand silk-screened, fair-trade woven silk- $44

Well, there you have it! What do you think of the hip handmade options- are these fair comparisons? Do you prefer the big box choices, or the handmade ones? And did you notice all the handmade items are less expensive than the big box ones? Pretty sneaky, eh?

If you'd like to see this kind of post continue as a regular feature, please let me know! Also, if you have item/item types you'd like to suggest for a future "hip handmade" comparison post, leave a comment or feel free to email me! Thanks much!

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