Friday, December 11, 2009

BoyCott Nike Puma

This is what the 'NIKE' Company did ....'NIKE' Company wrote the name of 'ALLAH' on the Shoes & from the back so no one will notice this .......IF YOU ARE A REAL MUSLIM YOU HAVE 2 FORWARD IT DON'T STOP .

My fellows n also me we r think thiz is owner that we r wearing puma or nike shirts or its shoes infects any thing

Im MUslim and being a muslim its my duty to protect my relegion.

im going to protest and boycott NIke and puma

im sure u guys are with me.

plz comments and must write ur name wht we do

strategies, or ideas on how to protest and boycott Nike

These are the pictures

THis is me KAmi protesting stop nike and puma

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  1. Its me Maya Protesting

    wtf is this Stop this