Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The most expensive wallpaper ever created was a panorama titled "Les Guerres D'Independence" (The Wars of Independence) by Zuber, a French wallpaper company. Zuber has been creating exquisite, unique and yes expensive wallpaper since 1797.

The Les Guerres D'Independence has 32 panels, which will cover 49.5 feet and sell for $40,500.

The "Les Vues De L'Amerique Du Nord" (Views of North America) by Zuber, which is in the picture sold for $28,950. When President Kennedy was in office at the White House, his wife Jacqueline Kennedy had this wallpaper installed. You can still see this expensive wallpaper today on the walls of the White House. The name of the room where you will see this is not disclosed. Could it be they did not want the public to know about the expensive wallpaper?

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