Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A subscription to a magazine that costs more than thirty dollars probably sounds very pricey to most of us but there is one magazine that is blowing other subscription prices out of the water.

Wilmott magazine is published in the United Kingdom and it focus on quantitative analysis. In the magazine you will find current research findings, new and creative financial models, reviews on different financial products and in-depth analysis about anything financial that you could ever dream of. The language used in the magazine is very confusing, as it concerns itself mainly with mathematics and it is the approximate size of a textbook, containing eleven square inches of information.

The average price of Wilmott magazine is approximately seven hundred dollars for a one-year subscription and the magazine is issued bimonthly. Individuals who want to subscribe to the magazine can expect to pay an easy $325 USD for a one-year subscription. Institutions however, aren’t so lucky as their price is $650 USD. But this price includes not only the subscription but also getting your name into the Wilmott Book Club. Being a member of the club allows for things such as discounts on quantitative financial and science books.

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