Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Junaid Jamshed

Born on September 3, 1964 at the Pakistan Air Force Base Masroor, Junaid comes from a privileged background, which has imbued him with a strong sense of patriotism and the need for enterprise. His star sign is Virgo and his height is 6' 1. He has green eyes and brown hair.

Junaid Jamshed is a Pakistani pop icon who makes cheerful, infectious music.. Junaid has reached out to Pakistanis across the board, and touched them with his Vital Signs, and their message of hope for peace, progress, and prosperity.

A voice to reckon with. His singing abilities combined with his good looks and music making potential make him the country's top notch pop star.

During his FSC, holidays, before going on to university, his mother was going off to London and he asked her to get a guitar for him. Junaid was 19 that time. He got his guitar and his brother use to sing while Junaid use to play his first instrument, a Spanish guitar.

When his brother went away to his college, Junaid had nobody to to sing for his guitar. So he started singing for himself.

In 1984, Junaid came across 4 to 5 people who were all guitarists and one keyboardist.

In between them Junaid was selected to sing as a second vocalist as he knew the keyboardist, Asif Ali. Junaid then use to sing Reo Speedwagon, Eagles, Wham etc.. People did not know him by his name, and he was known all over Islamabad as the Careless Whispers guy.

Junaid did his mechanical engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Junaid demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by abandoning a tried and tested profession in preference to sailing in
uncharted, often icy waters as a professional musician. Ten years down the road he has absolutely no regrets. Junaid is happily married with three children, and possesses all the trappings of a successful professional.

About Junaid's future plans? Well! Making material for International channels like Channel V, MTV, etc… and a determined assault on foreign markets is high on the agenda, along with doing a new album. "It has been
almost two years since his last solo album, and he would like to go with a foreign label this time so as to increase his outreach in the global village.


Hit Singles:
  • Dil Dil Pakistan
  • Gori
  • Aitebar
  • Jeetain Gay
  • Maula
  • Sanwali
  • Woh Kon Thee
  • Sanwali
  • Tumhara Aur Mera Nam
  • Ab Jiya Na Jaey
  • Mehndi Ki Raat
  • Hum Hain Pakistani
  • Vital Signs (1991)
  • Aitebar (1993)
  • Geetar 93 - Greatest Hits (1994)
  • Hum Tum (1995)

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