Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exotic Pet -- The White Lion Cub

Today, there are many people that wish to own an exotic pet. You may find a variety of exotic pets owned by a variety of individuals including such pets as birds, rare snakes, primates, and others. Do you have any idea which of the exotic pets might be the most expensive in the world? Would you believe it is a cat?

No, not your everyday household cat, but a white lion cub. The white lion cub is found in South Africa where it is considered to be a divine creature by many of the locals. It is a very rare type of lion since it is not a subspecies but it is the result of a recessive gene. The white coat is also easily seen in the jungle so it is hunted quite fiercely. As of 2004, there were 300 known white lions in the world.

If you really think you want to own a white lion as a pet, you had better be ready to pay around $138,000. This is if you can even find one.

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