Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Action Figure

When Hasbro created G.I. Joe in the 1970s, they were hoping for success but they probably didn’t think that they were creating something that would become an icon in the toy industry for forty years. G.I. Joe has been redeveloped over the years, has been the basis for a Marvel Comic series of comics, and is a familiar name to just about everyone. It’s no wonder that it is this military toy that is ranked as the most expensive action figure.

As with anything else, no matter how many people try to improve upon it and expand it, there will be nothing as truly valuable as the first G.I. Joe action figure. This prototype stands at twelve inches tall and has a retail value of $200,000 USD. It is currently owned by collector Steve Geppi and Joe is being showcased at the Geppi Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

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